Ecodesign Success Stories

Smart concepts are needed to change our society and make our life more sustainable. But even the best ideas do not always succeed in the market. So it is often a long way until a vision becomes a success story.

Here we report on how former award-winning projects have developed, and the series will be continued successively.

Food belongs on a plate!

In Germany, around 18 million tonnes of food are thrown away every year. Next to supermarkets, restaurants and hotels also have many leftovers at the end of the day which they can’t serve again. This is were “Too Good To Go” comes in.

Too Good To Go

Ecological lightweight

The E-bike had a hard time earning its good reputation. Despite the obvious advantage of representing an alternative to cars, e-bikes were perceived more often as a bulky and heavy means of transportation. However, along came Coboc, and with it a transformation of the e-bike’s image.


In the mood for mobility

When people choose to ride their bicycles and leave their cars at home or even get rid of their cars altogether, particulate matter pollution decreases and the city becomes quieter and prettier. A bold concept suggests building the first roofed cycle path along the U1 line in Berlin.

Radbahn U1

The suistainable approach

Everything we do, use and consume has an impact on the environment. Also sports! As a forerunner in this segment, the Engel company with ENGEL SPORTS focuses on ethical standards and product longevity.


Fix it

The production of smartphones consumes many and rare raw materials. Users who keep their devices for as long as possible not only save resources, but also money. This is why the plattform has set itself the goal of initiating a repair comeback.

Undumping the ocean

Every year, around eleven million tonnes of plastic flow into our oceans, harming nature and people. The start-up everwave emerged from the idea of a floating platform as a final project. Marcella Hansch and her team are developing technical solutions to save the world's oceans.


Sustainabality as a mission for eternity

Since 2008, PYUA has stood for functional outdoor clothing with the highest principles of sustainability. The company's entire way of thinking is determined by sustainability and the vision of closing the textile cycle. For the coming winter season, the new brand identity, the design language and the collection clearly show: PYUA no longer makes any compromises.


E-Hubbs – a promise for the future

The Solarkiosk was conceived as an independent energy source for rural populations in developing countries. In 2013, the idea convinced the jury as an overall concept and in its design implementation and was awarded the German Ecodesign Award.


Sharing is caring!

Many people own the same things without using them on a regular basis. Pumpipumpe is a nonprofit that aims to raise awareness for swapping and sharing and uses mailboxes as existing infrastructure to do so.