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Outstanding design, ecologically compatible and future-oriented

Developed, presented and supported by

Lisa Cerny, employee of the Federal Environment Agency, explains the standards of good design from an environmental perspective


The interdisciplinary jury of the German Federal Ecodesign Award is comprised of designers and environmental experts.

The jury introduce themselves

Award Ceremony

The interdisciplinary jury nominated 31 projects from the sectors architecture, energy, communication, household, interior, transportation and fashion. Among these, 12 were honoured with the German Federal Ecodesign Award during the award ceremony at the Federal Ministry for Environment on 25 November 2019. We congratulate all winners!

To the winners 2019

Overview of all winners

Here you can find an overview of all nominated and winning projects since 2012. Among them are works by companies, design offices and marketing agencies, architecture or engineering firms, researchers and students from varied sectors.

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