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»For designers and companies, the requirement for good design alongside ecologically compatible production makes this award a singular brand.«

Prof. Anna Berkenbusch, Head of the Jury

The German Federal Ecodesign Award recognises sustainable products, services and concepts which are outstanding in their design. The award strives to promote environmentally friendly changes in development and production as well as in consumer behaviour. Since 2012, the Award has been granted annually by the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) and the German Environment Agency (UBA) in cooperation with the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ). The registration deadline for this year's competition expired on April 6, the award will be launched again in early 2021.

»We won the Ecodesign Award at a time when we were still building up and investing in our company. It was greatly motivating. An award like this is a huge feather in our cap, not least because it’s from an institution that we know is taking a deeper look at the overall process and not just handing out prizes to anybody. They have to be genuinely excited about the product. This award means that you have passed the litmus test.«

Andreas Spieß, Solarkiosk GmbH, Winner 2013 in the category service


Terms and Conditions (T&C)

Participation in the German Federal Ecodesign Award implies the Terms and Conditions, (PDF, 87.46 kB).