»Outstanding design meets a well thought-out deposit system: REX is the quintessence of a recyclable piece of furniture. Made from recycled industrial waste such as fishing nets or plastics from office chairs, REX is reusable and repairable. Established collection points and a deposit system make it attractive for consumers to return the chair and ensure circular utilisation.«

Werner Aisslinger

Three questions for Ineke Hans, Designer

How did the idea for REX come about?
The chair originated from the desire to make a durable and ergonomically outstanding chair from recycled plastic. There is a lot of plastic around us that can actually be a resource for new products. The problem is that far too little plastic is recycled and far too much is burnt. In addition, it is a challenge to ensure that the recycled feedstock meets the high technical and design requirements of a chair. After all, you should be able to sit safely and comfortably. With REX, we fulfilled these quality requirements.

What was your personal highlight in the development process for REX ? Was there a low point?
The low point was when, after the development in 2011, the company at the time did not invest in the right kind of delivery. The highlight was when Circuform once again opted to take up the design. In addition to the production from recycled material that was already envisaged at the time, wanted to take the chair back from customers after use in order to keep the material “in the loop”. This means either cleaning it up and repairing it or using it as a resource for new production. If we want a circular economy, we also need to think about alternative economic models. Furthermore, producers and designers should take responsibility for what they bring into the world. But users also need to start rethinking.

Where do you see your project in five years?
Above all, I hope that the attitudes and ideas behind REX as a deposit-and-return chair will resonate and that we will see more ideas in the future for rethinking both production and consumption.