»This school building is of high architectonic quality and is an exemplary project in the area of sustainable construction. In a standout overall concept, it not only makes maximum use of existing environmental energies such as sun, thermal and geothermal, but also pursues an energy-efficient design language and a material concept that uses very few materials. Moreover, these are low-pollutant and re-separable.«

Prof. Dr. Claudia Perren

Three questions for Bernd Liebel, founder

How did the idea for Zero Energy Classroom come about?
The construction industry places a tremendous burden on the environment and must play a key role in meeting climate goals. As planners, we are facing up to this responsibility. For some years, we have been developing and implementing new concepts for the necessary transformation in the construction sector. It was against this backdrop in 2015 that we elaborated the zero-energy building concept as our objective.

What was your personal highlight in the development process for Zero Energy Classroom? Was there a low point?
There were several of those. For example, not only did we achieve our aim of designing a zero-energy building, but we even exceeded it: the school is actually “climate-positive” in operation! The strong backing and positive response from the building users who were involved in the design from the very beginning was particularly motivating. A special highlight was the fact that without air conditioning (low tech!) the room temperature remained at a pleasant 24/25 degrees even after long periods of heat.

The novel concept sometimes took a lot of effort and convincing. However, the enthusiasm and knowledge of everyone involved in the construction of an exceptionally sustainable building left no room at all for low points.

Where do you see your project in five years?
Hopefully as a building that has encouraged many decision-makers to reflect and imitate!