Why it’s worthwhile to participate – and to win

An award of high repute

  • The German Federal Ecodesign Award is Germany's highest state award for ecological design. As sponsors, the German Federal Environment Ministry and the German Environment Agency represent credibility, quality and informed validation.

  • Around 50 experts from a range of specialist departments within the German Environment Agency assess the ecological quality of submissions and, together with the advisory committee, approve a selection for final adjudication. An interdisciplinary jury of renowned designers and environmental experts then determine the nominees and winners.

  • The evaluation procedure is transparent and is based on expert knowledge and accepted criteria.

A non-commercial award

  • The German Federal Ecodesign Award is a state-sponsored award and is not operated on a commercial basis. With the exception of the registration fee, which flows entirely into the implementation of the competition, no additional fees are incurred – not even for the receipt of an award.

The official logo – a mark of quality

  • The official logos in the respective award categories can be used freely by nominees and winners for their own product communication. Logos may not be passed on to other project members or cooperation partners.

Awards ceremony in the German Federal Ministry for the Environment

  • All nominees and winners are invited to the awards ceremony, which includes guests from the worlds of politics, business and design and takes place in the atrium of the German Federal Environment Ministry in Berlin.

  • Following a laudatory address by a member of the jury, winners are invited onto the stage to be congratulated by the German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and UBA President Maria Krautzberger, and to be presented with a personalised certificate and trophy.

  • Moreover, winners of the Young Talent award each receive a cash prize of one thousand euros.

  • For each winning project, postcards are produced that include a photo of the project, the personal jury statement and the respective company details. These postcards are displayed at the awards ceremony and on all the stops of the planned touring exhibition.

  • The awards ceremony is documented photographically and, following the event, images are made available to the press as well as to nominees and winners.

Presentation of nominated and award-winning entries

  • Following the official presentation, nominated and winning entries become part of a high-profile publicity campaign across a range of media. They also feature in the online exhibition on the German Federal Ecodesign Award website. Well-known media partners from the fields of design and business report on the prize winners. The nominated and winning projects are presented in a touring exhibition.

Media relations

  • Immediately after the jury meeting as well as following the awards ceremony, the BMU, UBA and IDZ publish a joint press release to present the nominees and winners. Through our press distribution lists, we have broad reach to numerous publications from the fields of design, business and ecology, as well as regional and national daily press.

  • To support their own public relations efforts, all winners receive a press kit that includes the press release, an individual jury statement, text materials on the German Federal Ecodesign Award and additional images from the awards ceremony.

  • Well-known media partners from the fields of design and business provide support for the German Federal Ecodesign Award as well as compile and distribute their own reports on the prize winners.

Image Clip

  • An image clip presenting each winning project will be produced. The image clip will be shown during the award ceremony and in the travelling exhibition. All winners will be provided with their own clip.

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