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Award winners 2020


edding AG

»The EcoLine from edding sets an effective example towards greater environmental protection. In the development and improvement of the EcoLine marker pens, every stage of the product life cycle has been given thorough and consistent consideration, and the pens are optimised with a particular emphasis on durability. As objects in the household and at the office, they are thus of relevance with regard to the expansion of environmental awareness.«

Prof. Anna Berkenbusch
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Expedition 2 Degrees

Zurich University of the Arts, University of Fribourg

»The melting of the high alpine glaciers is a formidable illustration of the effects of human-induced global warming. Through 3D glasses, the “Expedition 2 Degrees” takes us into a virtual world around the Great Aletsch Glacier. There, we meet natural scientist and Matterhorn pioneer John Tyndall, who lived from 1820-1893. Together with Tyndall, we travel in a time-lapse through the centuries and also take a virtual look into the future, where we see rocks, rubble and water where today there is still a glittering and fascinating ice landscape.«

Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter
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LED lighting – LaaS model

Deutsche Lichtmiete

»This rental service enables companies to make the switch to efficient lighting without a high initial investment. Longevity, straightforward maintenance and repairability – factors that were consistently borne in mind in the course of product design – favour the ecological and economic success of the business model. A persuasive interplay of product and service.«

Prof. Matthias Held
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LÜCKE tableware

Susann Paduch

»The adornment supplants the destruction of this faulty crockery and also creates semantic added value – product as a message and message as a product. It raises the question of the aesthetics of commodity and the role of design in influencing values that are most likely outdated. LÜCKE thus advances creatively into areas that were hitherto beyond the remit of ecology.«

Prof. em. Günter Horntrich
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New Blue

Tim van der Loo | School of Art and Design Berlin Weissensee

»NEW BLUE is looking to create a new material identity out of old denim. The project is researching recycling processes and continuous material flows at the material and product level. Industrial embroidery turns simple, manually recycled non-woven denim into a tailored production piece for a new pair of jeans.«

Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow
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Old Varieties – Discovered Afresh

Jana Hoffmann | Trier University of Applied Sciences

»The jury was impressed by Jana Hoffmann's “Old Varieties” project in terms of both design and content. In shops or at trade fairs, the stand-up display informs customers about old varieties of vegetables and encourages them to grow their own. It shows the diversity of plant-based nutrition, which can make an important contribution to climate protection, and prompts reflection on one’s own contribution to preventing the loss of biological diversity.«

Dr. Bettina Rechenberg
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Paper Pregnancy Test

Yue Zhao | Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design

»The paper pregnancy test project makes exclusive use of recycled paper. Plastic pregnancy tests are generally discarded after use, resulting in a negative CO2 footprint. The new product idea to come out of these material experiments is not only environmentally friendly but also softer and more pleasant to use.«

Nicole Losos (on behalf of Werner Aisslinger)
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Startec Frame Fix

Häfele GmbH & Co KG

»The Startec Frame Fix is a genuine “hidden champion” – once it is installed, it remains entirely invisible. Yet by replacing elaborately packaged and environmentally unsound door installation foams with a mechanical fastener, it makes a not-to-be-underestimated contribution to environmental protection during (re)construction and also reduces packaging waste.«

Benedikt Kauertz (on behalf of Andreas Detzel)
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